we shouldn't be defined

a poem by Caroline Ward about the voices of minorities.

we shouldn’t be defined 

is it equality to walk down the halls and be looked at different

and for people to think you don’t matter because you are a irrelevant

that needs to change 

one life shouldn’t matter more than the other so we need a new way to arrange

the change starts with the youth

let’s do it for Timmy and young Ruth

fight for equality because not everyone is born the same

we are different and because of it we are left out of the game

the game we call life is harder for us

but all you think is we’re making a fuss

we don’t matter until we do something wrong

but give it a week and you’ll carry-on

you treat us like a trend

but we aren’t objects like you pretend

so here we stand for those who can’t

while reading this song as a chant