by Zainab Khan

The piece focuses on a Muslim girl and the way that her religion is portrayed in the news. As a Muslim, I constantly see myself depicted as a terrorist, both in real life and pop culture and I wanted to create a visual representation of the way this made me feel. I selected real newspaper headlines about conflict in the Middle East and used them as the flames that overwhelm the girl, showing how a constant influx of negativity about her religion can beat her down. The girl is passive, allowing the flames to engulf her because she's heard the same things so many times that now they barely register, showing how Islamophobia has become almost normalized.

a message from the artist:

Zainab Khan

"I joined the executive leadership team because I’m incredibly passionate about social justice and change and I feel that this is a place where like -minded young people can come together to make a difference. I’ve always made it a point to elevate the voices of those who may go unheard and I want to continue this with the AHEO."

-Zainab Khan