influential figures on black lives : Nelson Mandela

artwork by Areej Khan

 Nelson Mandela’s impact is too vast to be said in a few lines. He had delivered a ground breaking speech for the fight against HIV/AIDS at a crucial time for south africans. He set up the Nelson Mandela foundation for the sole reason of continuation of peace and justice.  Morally , Mandela set an example of dedication , courage and sacrifice of all by refusing to give up on his cause and his country , even after his arrest and the 27 years he served in prison.


about the artist:

Areej Khan

Areej Khan is the Asian Hispanic Empowerment Organization country representative of both Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates. Based in Dubai, she is passionate about seeking social justice for all and a way she expresses her passion is through art. In this three part series, she sketches the faces of the influential people who significantly advocated for black lives in the march for racial equality.