influential figures on black lives : Martin Luther King Jr.

artwork by Areej Khan

Martin Luther King Jr. is undoubtedly one of the most influential figures of all time.He was the driving force behind events such as the Montgomery bus boycott of the 1963 March on Washington ,which helped bring about such a landmark legislation as the civil rights act and the voting rights. His most famous work is his ‘I have a dream’ speech which was a signature lesson of empowerment for the oppressed all around the world.”


about the artist:

Areej Khan

Areej Khan is the Asian Hispanic Empowerment Organization country representative of both Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates. Based in Dubai, she is passionate about seeking social justice for all and a way she expresses her passion is through art. In this three part series, she sketches the faces of the influential people who significantly advocated for black lives in the march for racial equality.