dont you dare look at me


Dont you dare look at me,

With those eyes,

Swallowing my body,

Thinking Im stupid.

And dont you even consider,

Saying that I am "beautiful"

When all you see,

Is fresh meat for your gluttony to feed on.

My genetics made me like this,

Curved, dark hair and eyes,

Skin like cream and coffee,

Products of resistance from people like you.

Why is it that you see us,

With those eyes,

And not as how you see your own children,

As children.

Is it the language we speak,

Sweet melodies falling from our lips,

Or is it the carefree manner,

You think we all have,

Open to anyone,

Without restraint?

Stop seeing us as your toys,

And see us like you would see yourself,



the author:

Lucia Urreta - State rep. Texas