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an extension to our fight to denormalize racism.

the #blm extension

Our goal of denormalizing racism extends to help the Black Lives Matter organization. We stand with the cause and we hope to contribute to the organization by teaching the youngest people in our communities about inequality and how to be the most respectful and mature versions of themselves.

our voices extended to our youth 

We provide and encourage the opportunity for others to get involved in the cause through our organization. We strive to teach the young children in our communities about BLM to help them understand the reality of our current world and grow into aware and mature young adults.  

the youth is the future

The youth is our future. We need to educate the growing people in our communities to develop into individuals who will change the world for the better. Their voice will be the future of racial equality and we need to continue to help guide our younger people so they can mindfully lead the world. 

How you can help

You can help by contacting us by clicking the "HOW YOU CAN HELP" tab on our website. We will provide you with pre-planned lessons so you can teach young individuals in your community on the importance of racial equality. Your voice matters and the more people who contribute, the closer we can get to denormalizing racism in our world. 

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